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Whether your vehicle is running properly and needs routine auto maintenance, or it is malfunctioning and needs repairs, we can help.


Your automobile is an investment and routine maintenance will help prolong the life of your vehicle. Maintenance is as important to your car as regular doctor visits are to people. Cars that are well taken care of are safer, get better gas mileage, are more dependable, and last longer. We can help keep your vehicle in top shape, so be sure to visit us to keep up with routine maintenance.

Vehicles, even when routine maintenance is performed, can malfunction. If you’ve noticed things like unusual sounds coming from your engine or tires, a shaking or vibrating when driving, or that pesky check engine light has appeared on your dash, it’s likely your car needs repair.


We offer PA State Inspections and Emissions Testing. Manordale Tires & Service is certified as a Pennsylvania State Inspection Center. We are also certified in PA State emissions testing. When bringing your vehicle in for the PA Inspection or emission testing, be sure to bring your vehicle registration and proof of insurance with you.

Fluid Check


The oil change. It is one of the most important and simplest ways to ensure your vehicle is running well. Among other things, regular oil and filter changes maintain engine lubrication, help improve your engine’s fuel efficiency and make sure your engine and its moving parts do not have to work as hard.

Depending on what you drive, you should bring your vehicle in for an oil change every 5,000 - 7,500 miles, or every three months. Be sure to check your owner’s manual as factory recommendations for oil changes may differ.

If you find it difficult to bring your vehicle in for a routine oil change, you may start to notice problems with your engine. When the oil isn’t changed, your engine will run less efficiently, and as time goes on, it can cause the engine components to warp and wear out.

To schedule your routine oil change, give us a call at 724-468-5953.

Car Oil


No matter what your automobile requires, we have the expertise to troubleshoot problems to get you back on the road. Bring your vehicle in for the following maintenance and repair:  





Do you hear a grinding or squeaking when stopping your vehicle? Is your steering wheel a bit shaky, or is your car wobbling when driving and stopping at high speeds? If you are noticing these things, it may be time to have your brakes checked. We offer full brake inspection, which includes evaluating your brakes, rotors, calipers, and the anti-lock brake system.

Does your car ride feel a bit rough? If so, you may need suspension service. Worn suspension parts can cause misalignment and irregular tire wear. We’ll evaluate the steering and suspension of your vehicle and provide a full diagnosis for a smooth ride.  

Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the internal parts of your vehicle’s transmission. As a vehicle ages, contaminants may cause damage.  We’ll remove the harmful contaminants through a transmission fluid exchange which is designed to clean the system.

Without a battery, your vehicle will not start. If your car battery fails, we can replace it with a quality battery by Interstate. Manordale Tires & Service also offers a diagnostic test to determine the life and quality of your current battery and charging system.  


If you are feeling too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, bring your vehicle to us and we’ll help get you to the right temperature.


A tune-up is a type of routine maintenance to keep your car performing correctly. When you bring your vehicle in for a tune-up, we’ll look at plugs, wires, filters, valves, hoses, belts, fluids and more.


Is it time for a new set of tires? Or do you have a tire in need of repair? Stop in – we know tires!

We are here for you and your automotive needs. When it’s time for regular maintenance like a tune-up, or if you are noticing that your vehicle isn’t performing as well as it should, give us a call at 724-468-5953.

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